AZIA BE – Fashion Portrait Photographer NYC

My name is Azia Be. I’m a professional and highly experienced photographer based in New York.

I started my way in photography in 2012 in Paris and at that time I was specializing in model tests and street style catalogs. With years of experience, I broadened my field of work and focused on personal sessions for clients.

As I’ve also been working as a fashion model for over 15 years, I know photography from both sides of the lens at its best.

Creating fashion portraits for my clients is more than work for me, it is my mission and big love.

An individual approach to the character and appearance of each client is of essential importance to me. I pay maximum attention to details in my work during the photoshoot as well as in post-production: different noses need different lighting and posing, hairstylings need different strengths of wind to fly in a proper manner; one wrinkle needs to be photoshopped, the other needs to be softened, some wrinkle just left as it is. Modern, sophisticated, alluring, perfect and natural, effortlessly beautiful – that is the main idea of my photography.