Maternity Photoshoot in New York

Maternity Photography in NYC by Azia Be

It is incredible what our bodies can do. Pregnancy is a very special moment, you will miss it (hard to believe, but it’s true).

As I am a mother and I’ve been through this amazing, exciting, and not-an-easy experience of Pregnancy, I am fulfilled with love, admiration, and respect towards Maternity Photography.

I believe, Maternity Portrait requires not only excellent knowledge of Photography and Posing but also a Deep Understanding of a Woman and her feelings. I work with my clients Individually. No recipe works for all. Every Pregnant Mother brings a very special energy.

It is of essential importance for me to show your UNIQUE personality, the BEAUTY of your body, and the LOVE in your eyes.

Maternity Photo Sessions are fun and hard at the same time. I suggest planning your Photo Shoot between the 24th and 36th week of pregnancy ( the size of the belly can be impressive on the 24th week for one woman and relatively small on the 38th week for other women, the main criteria for the session are that you feel good).

My aim is to make you happy – about the whole process and with the final result. For two hours we spend together on a set, I spend up to 20 hours on post-production to make your final photos and overall experience truly exceptional.